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uses AI to instantly make your data more useful and accessible for those who need it day to day. Stay ahead with data-led actions that make a real difference.

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Enhance your
Business performance

By enabling:

  • Business growth analytics
  • Annual and monthly sales forecasts
  • Acquisition costs and margins analytics
  • Customer conversion and retention updates
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Optimise your
Marketing & Product mix

With tools like:

  • Brand and marketing effectiveness
  • Attribution models beyond GA4
  • Channel performance analytics
  • Product portfolio performance
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Segment your
Customer data

To know your customers personally:

  • AI customer segmentation
  • Customer segment analytics
  • Customer trait predictions
  • Best customer analysis
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Connect and use your
Data from anywhere

As a single source of truth:

  • Single Customer View
  • Multiple data source connections
  • Customer, product and marketing data automation
  • Advanced analytics on any topic
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Distil helps you use your data to outperform your competitors, without needing to hire costly specialists.

Our thoughts Distilled…

New on Distil: Restaurant Operational Analytics Dashboards

New on Distil: Restaurant Operational Analytics Dashboards

Operational data is no longer a nice-to-have in the restaurant business - it’s central to how you maximise revenue and out-perform the competition. Something we all want! At Distil, we call it ‘Restaurant Operational Analytics’, and we’ve created a whole new suite of dashboards that use data drawn directly from your OpenTable account ...
Illustration showing Attribution Analytics Dashboards in Distil with illustrations.

Understanding Attribution in GA4 vs Distil

Answers to the top questions about GA4 attribution contrasted with the clarity offered in Distil Analytics. We also take a broader view of attribution as a whole, and look at marketing attribution separately from the analytics platform. Whether you’ve already moved on from GA4 or you’re in the midst of wrangling with it - this article has something on attribution that will help. ...
10 things restaurant groups can do with their OpenTable data

10 things restaurant groups can do with their OpenTable data

To data lovers like us here at Distil, collaborating with OpenTable means more fantastic data insights and analytics for our Restaurant customers. Just imagine the business actions you're able to unlock when you connect your booking, diner and operational data sets, with a layer of AI over the top guiding you all the way! If you want to do more with your OpenTable data, here are the top 10 things you can do with it when you connect it to Distil’s business intelligence and analytics platform ...
Listen to Gerry McNicol on #TheBigLift Podcast

Listen to Gerry McNicol on #TheBigLift Podcast

We are thrilled to have our own Gerry McNicol in conversation on the #TheBigLift podcast with Webtrends Optimize. Listen to this episode to find out more about unifying your data into a single customer view, how data can flow through the business to benefit every department and what AI might mean operationally for you now and in the future. ...

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