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uses AI to instantly make your data more useful and accessible for those who need it day to day. Stay ahead with data-led actions that make a real difference.

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Enhance your
Business performance

By enabling:

  • Business growth analytics
  • Annual and monthly sales forecasts
  • Acquisition costs and margins analytics
  • Customer conversion and retention updates
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Optimise your
Marketing & Product mix

With tools like:

  • Brand and marketing effectiveness
  • Attribution models beyond GA4
  • Channel performance analytics
  • Product portfolio performance
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Segment your
Customer data

To know your customers personally:

  • AI customer segmentation
  • Customer segment analytics
  • Customer trait predictions
  • Best customer analysis
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Connect and use your
Data from anywhere

As a single source of truth:

  • Single Customer View
  • Multiple data source connections
  • Customer, product and marketing data automation
  • Advanced analytics on any topic
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Distil helps you use your data to outperform your competitors, without needing to hire costly specialists.

Our thoughts Distilled…

Pouring data into two mugs featuring and Dotdigital logos to illustrated how and Dotdigital solve marketing personalisation.

How Distil and Dotdigital solve Marketing Personalisation

The key to marketing personalisation that captures the attention is well, you know… being personal. Not so personal you’re creepy but personal enough that you create an authentic connection. We humans crave a genuine personal connection, so let's explore how you can take practical steps to create a lasting impact using personalisation in your marketing. ...
Identity Resolution: Bringing fragments of customer records together

Identity Resolution: Bringing fragments of customer records together

Your customers might love your physical shop for shoes, but they shop online for accessories and gifts. It makes customers records hard to keep, and even harder to use effectively. After all, customers want to feel like you know them - but how can you when their data is so fragmented? That's where the magic of identity resolution comes in. ...
Webinar: B2B Ecommerce Wholesaling Strategies for Online Growth 07 Dec 2023 Illustration with Sponsor Logos

Webinar: B2B Ecommerce & Wholesaling Strategies

If you're a B2B business and want to build an ecommerce strategy that'll keep pace with the market growth - we've got just the thing for you. Hosted by the brilliant Chloë Thomas, Distil is sponsoring a panel discussion that's free to join with replay provided ...
Black Friday Statistics 2023 Key Findings Header Image Illustration of Charts

Black Friday Statistics 2023 : The Key Findings

Black Friday is a mainstay of the retail and ecommerce calendars - usually the biggest shopping day of the year. Originally the preserve of the US, UK shoppers were not to be outdone this year with as much as 3x uplift in weekly revenue. Get further into the data in our Black Friday statistics compendium for 2023. ...

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