Use A.I. to deliver 1-to-1 recommendations

Data Distilled. Messaging Personalised. With you have the data to deliver 1-to-1 recommendations to your customers.

If you’ve ever gleefully torn the wrapping from a birthday present, only to discover you’ve been regifted a questionable foot spa by a thoughtless relative (yes, I’m talking about you Aunt Beth), you’ll know that it’s better when things are personalised. And the more thoughtful and intelligent the personalisation, the better. But can you know you’re hitting customers’ sweet spots, and suggesting products they might really want?’s Personalised Recommendation Engine is built with just that question in mind. This intuitive customisable tool lets you create a personalised set of recommendations for each customer. Apply that set to your newsletters, on-platform personalisation, follow-up purchase messaging — any touch point where you need to be highly relevant to your customers.

The Engine’s intuitive algorithmic mixing deck lets you tune your algorithm by adjusting the following parameters:

  • Viewed Not Purchased A parameter to quickly pick out a customer’s points of interest.
  • Viewed Together A calculated value influenced by similar customer product views.
  • Purchased Together A content-based recommendation setting that tells what customers may need next.
  • Follow On Purchase An extension of the Purchased Together setting based on actual completed sales data.
  • Trending A setting that lets you capitalise on any product engagement trends in your product portfolio, in real time
  • Default Products A parameter that lets you include customised product offers and partnerships specific to your business.

And the more you know, the more you’ll want to know: What might be this customer’s next purchase? What did similar customers do next? Are there alternative products we could be recommending? What else might interest them? makes it easy to incorporate A.I. into your e-commerce business by helping you continuously learn, refine and fine-tune your Recommendation Engine. Each adjustment lets you deliver better customer experiences whilst simultaneously driving engagement and sales.

The Recommendations can be as specific as a single customer, or as broad as you want, capable of rolling up to any customer segment you’ve created. Find out more about Customer Segmentation through here.

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