Matt Abbott

Ecommerce Data Specialist, Shopify Expert and Customer Success Manager

Bought on Wednesday: how Distil’s Marketing Attribution supercharges Shopify

What’s special about Wednesday? Not much. It means half the working week is over. (Or for those in tech, a reminder there’s only half the week left.) It’s never a holiday. But whether you call… Read More

How Distil makes Shopify data analysis and insights easier (pick a card, any card)

Shopify store analytics is hard. It doesn't have to be. Data is everywhere. And many companies have made it their mission to make sense of it: wrangling it into shape, connecting different sets of it… Read More

Use A.I. to personalise web content

The profile photo you use for Tinder is rarely the one you use for LinkedIn. In one photo, you exist in black and white with a face that says ‘detail-oriented team player’. In the other,… Read More

Identify Customer Personas with A.I.

Data Distilled. Big spenders identified. Your customers are so much more than just a big list of names and numbers. Read More