Ecommerce Analytics Platform

Beyond GA4
Analytics tailored for Ecommerce

Get an analytics platform that actually answers your key ecommerce business questions

  • Focus on bottom line metrics, orders, revenue and conversion
  • Get marketing attribution in your control, not a black box algorithm
  • Visualise cohort performance, ROAS and marketing effectiveness

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Ecommerce Analytics Platform

No need to spend hours wrangling GA4 ecommerce tracking and reports into something that still may not give you the insights to make your next move.

Distil offers revenue-led ecommerce analytics dashboards,
pre‑configured for you.

  • Revenue-led dashboard suite

    Interactive dashboards that offer insight into revenue, order volume, average order value, conversion. Instantly see customer acquisition cost (CAC) over time and take back control of your budgets.

  • Visualise your highest value customers

    See customer cohort performance at your fingertips. From order volume to revenue and average order value, investigate customer value and conversions by channel.

  • Own your marketing attribution

    No more black-box attribution, use our simple and effective 30-day linear attribution model or choose one specific to your needs to assess individual marketing channel performance.

Zero in on the metrics that matter

Avoid reporting on everything and anything, and focus on the metrics that matter. Use Distil’s ecommerce analytics dashboards to focus on the key revenue metrics like total sales, average order value and customer acquisition cost.

See how multichannel DTC brand Mancave used Distil to achieve a 21% reduction in CAC and 75% reduction in time to second purchase.

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Take control of your marketing attribution

Use Distil’s 30-day linear attribution model (90-day linear coming soon) or choose a custom model. Either way, the control to assess your individual marketing channels is in your hands.

Unpack Direct traffic from Unknown sources. Separate out users coming from an unknown source vs those who know and love your brand and are genuinely coming direct.

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Grow your best customer cohorts

Delve deeper into what’s driving your best customer cohorts. Highest value, most frequent buyers or longest standing – it’s all there in a click.

Distil’s interactive dashboards mean you can review sales and conversion performance by cohort and drill down into which channel is performing well at delivering customers, orders and conversions.

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Trusted by the Best

  • 216%

    Uplift in cornerstone
    product sales

    Multichannel ecommerce and retail personal care brand

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  • 30%

    Uplift in email revenue using Distil with Dotdigital

    Community crowdfunding platform with 1m+ members

    Read more

  • 32%

    Business growth attributed to Data Intelligence gained through

    UK’s largest online retailer of building materials.

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Frequently asked questions

Can you help me create a year-on-year analytics dashboard using my Universal Analytics data and GA4 data?

Yes, we can usually help with that. As always, it depends on your specific situation and the content of the data sets in question. One thing to bear in mind is that some metrics used in UA and GA4 do not measure exactly the same thing, so comparing historical data with current data across both platforms isn’t a direct like-for-like comparison.

What if I’m not an ecommerce store but still want an alternative analytics package to GA4?

That’s fine, we help lots of businesses whose main operation is something other than ecommerce. As long as you have customer records and a place where transactions or conversions happen online, we can help.

I have some specific questions I want my analytics to deliver answers to and I want to display them in a specific way. Can you help?

Absolutely! We regularly build custom dashboards for clients who want to view their metrics in a specific way or need a specific format for a board report. Our customer success team work with you to get the format and the data just right for your needs.

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