Black Friday Data

Make this Black Friday
a golden day for data

There’s a goldmine of insights in your customer data. Unlock your most profitable Black Friday yet with Distil AI.

Find out how

  • Audience

    Identify your loyal high-value customers from the costly bargain hunters so this year’s campaign targets the audience with a high potential return.

  • Channels

    Create a potent marketing mix of channels that attract, engage and convert. With Distil’s tracking token, you’ll get all the revenue attribution insight you need.

  • Inventory

    Know which products fly during BFCM weekend and generate the most profit. Discover the common entry products vs those that are repurchased or bundled with others.

Get set for Black Friday success

The Black Friday weekend is firmly imprinted in the minds of consumers.

With their heightened readiness to spend, it’s a goldmine of customer data. Every purchase, engagement, click and visit – they all paint a picture you’re going to want to see if you want your store to be more profitable.

If you have a Shopify Store, there’s a quick and easy way to get started with our free app.

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Multi-Platform Ecommerce Insights

Whether your store is on Shopify, Woocommerce, Magento or any other ecommerce platform, the Distil AI customer data platform can take last year’s transaction data and give you all the insights you need to plan this year’s Black Friday campaign.

  • Browsers vs Buyers

    Automatically segment those who visited vs those who purchased last Black Friday with Distil’s AI audience tags.

  • Loyal vs New Customers

    Assess the value of purchases from newly acquired customers vs returning customers based on when they first purchased.

  • Reactivated vs Current Customers

    Review the profitability of previously lost customers vs the current tribe. Delve into customer churn and the value of reactivating previously inactive customers.

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Taking a different approach to Black Friday?

For some brands, the mass-consumption nature of BFCM weekend isn’t really their thing. If that’s your brand, we get it. Whether you want to do Green Friday or you want to avoid the acquisition of new customers altogether and focus on rewarding your loyal customers, you still need a way to identify them.

The Distil AI can identify and tag loyal customers, active customers, high value customers or any other custom trait you want. Want to segment customers who only purchase from your luxury product range? Done. How about customers who only purchase during BFCM weekend? No problem.

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