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Channel Attribution Questions Answered

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There’s a human in my data

It’s easy to forget, but data is, we believe, all about people. People like Elina Scorey, Chief Business Development Officer at and unashamed fan girl of A.I.-driven data analytics. And it’s her data evangelism that… Read More

For The Love Of Data: When’s a customer a customer?

Customers. We’ve all got ‘em. But how do you use customer data to know who they really are, what makes them tick and how to talk to them in a way that makes them choose… Read More

Data driven personalised email campaign in Mailchimp

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Use A.I. to personalise web content

The profile photo you use for Tinder is rarely the one you use for LinkedIn. In one photo, you exist in black and white with a face that says ‘detail-oriented team player’. In the other,… Read More

Data Driven Personalisation in Google Optimize

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AB testing feature in Google Optimize

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How to use Data to create high impact Customer Experiences

At Distil we’re passionate about getting the right data in the hands of our customers so that they are able to create great Customer Experiences for us all. Read More

ICO takes action against Experian

Experian ignores data protection laws, undertaking invisible personal data processing. Gerry McNicol, CEO and founder of welcomes ICO’s decision. Read More

Retrace your customers’ steps with Attribution Models

We all know that a good love story is as much about the journey as the happy ending. And the same is true for your customer journeys – the road from first encounter to final… Read More