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Uncover key truths about your customers and discover how to talk to them in ways that get them engaging with your brand and opening their wallets.

Distil uses AI
to tell you who’s who

Your customers are so much more than just a big list of names and numbers. Some can’t get enough of your product while others are at risk of unsubscribing for good. Some are asking for a particular gap in your product portfolio to be filled, while others are just passively browsing.

Distil uses AI to tell you who’s who. It combs through your customer data and suggests how best to segment them.

Apply these powerful analytics to your entire database, a particular segment or even an individual customer.

  • Demographic Markers and Buying Patterns

    What do your customers look like? Where do they live? How do they talk? What’s their background, their education, their aspirations?

    Distil’s Demographic Markers and Buying Patterns Suite cross-references different segments to empower you to employ the products, prices, locations and communications that your customers will respond to best.

  • Cohort Analytics

    How many customers did your summer campaign bring in? What about your January sale? And how many were still loyal one, two or three months later?

    Cohort Analytics allow you to follow a group of customers who were acquired at the same time through their life cycle. Why is one cohort more loyal than one acquired 6 months later? Is there always a drop-off around the 4 month mark? Is your business more seasonal than you might have realised? Do customers spend frequently or in predictable bursts?

    Distil tells you all this and more so you’re empowered to focus your energies on delighting the customers that are most likely to help your business succeed.

  • Predicted Customer Lifetime Value (LTV)

    There are customers and customers. Distil can help you tell them apart.

    Some will go on to be profitable and justify the cost of acquiring them many times over. Others will quickly leave or hang around for a long time spending little and never repaying the investment.

    Distil’s AI analyses trends and patterns to predict how much each prospective new customer will spend and when, informing each part of your marketing campaign.

  • 1 to 1 Recommendation Engine

    We all know that it’s better when things are personalised. And the more thoughtful and intelligent the personalisation, the better. But how can you know if you’re hitting customers’ sweet spots, and suggesting products they might really want?

    Distil’s Personalised Recommendation Engine is a customisable tool that lets you refine a personalised set of recommendations for each customer. Apply that set to your newsletters, on-platform personalisation, follow-up purchase messaging — any touch point where you need to be highly relevant to your customers.

  • AI Segmentation

    Distil’s AI will help you puzzle out not just who your best customers are today, but which customers have the potential to become your best customers tomorrow.

    And once you know that, you’ll find yourself asking where you can find those high-potential customers, and how best to reach them. With each new piece of information, new questions arise, and new opportunities are unlocked.

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