OpenTable Data

Data science for restaurant groups
is served

Got a taste for data and want to sample every dish on the menu? Lucky for you, we have the best chefs in town!

Cook up a storm with your OpenTable data to:

  • Delight customers with a coordinated experience from the first online touchpoint to seated in-house
  • Link up marketing campaigns and loyalty incentives with bottom line results
  • Empower your team with reports, dashboards and AI-powered forecasts and watch them create magic.

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Silver cloche with data sprinkling on to a fried egg - data science for restaurants is served with

Data is the
star ingredient

Your data is your secret sauce – your pièce de résistance. So why aren’t more restaurants making the most of their data?

Well, data science for restaurants is often out of reach because the data is stuck in multiple platforms that don’t connect.

So we created the ultimate single data source.

Bring your customer data from OpenTable together with data from any other sources and platforms in Distil. Data science for restaurants is served!

Optimise any business operation from customer experience to availability forecasting, from email marketing to guest reception services – your data can finally start working for you.

Diagram of how creates a data science for restaurant suite with OpenTable data and other sources

Make data the dish
that everybody loves

Your single data source in Distil will unlock insights you never thought possible. From analysis to AI-driven forecasting, it’s your route to every revenue optimisation activity you can imagine.

Want to predict demand peaks for parties of different sizes by location? How about optimising the revenue model with pacing and availability settings? Maybe optimising marketing campaigns based on outcomes like bookings, covers and revenue – it’s all possible in Distil.

International hospitality chain or independent restaurant group, data science for restaurants is now on the menu.

  • Deliver better results in every department

    Connect, combine and analyse data from multiple sources. Automate data flows to create availability reports, cover forecasting, score cards, benchmarking and more. If you’ve got the data, we’ll help you unlock the insights.

  • Delight guests with personalised experiences

    Surprise your customers with a first name greeting, their favourite wine on their birthday or by allocating their preferred table. Create a personalised experience for every guest at every touchpoint and watch the bottom-line results soar.

  • Data for every team to work smarter

    Create bespoke dashboards, live KPIs, scorecards and benchmarking for every role in every location. Bring together data from sources you never thought possible and watch your team optimise their performance like never before.

Bring all your juicy customer data sets together

Got customer data stuck in all sorts of systems? Perhaps venue WiFi, Meta ads, email marketing platform, loyalty scheme provider?

Well, Distil can combine customer data from OpenTable with data from almost any other sources into your Single Customer View. And it’s not specific to OpenTable – if you’re using another restaurant management system, Distil can still help.

Then level up your customer data with actionable segments. Do you know who you’re due a visit from because they come every month? Or perhaps which annual guests should be booking their celebration meal soon? It’s all available in Distil.

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Dashboard screenshot showing how analytics does data science for restaurants

Cook up a 5 customer loyalty programme

Distil can send your customer data back into OpenTable, complete with all its enrichments.

This means when your greeter is receiving guests, they have the whole picture about that guest’s relationship with your restaurant – right down to the last email offer they received, and the dish they ordered at your London location during the week when they were away on business.

Empower them with everything you know about a customer to create a memorable experience that leads to regular, repeat bookings.

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Promotions pattern dashboard screenshot from's suite of data science for restaurants.

Lift the lid on operational optimisation & forecasting

Leave the manual reporting and scorecards in the back of the cupboard and grab the best new kitchen gadget.

Distil’s AI-led analytics platform can give you active forecasts for covers, revenue and sales as well as dashboards for any selection of metrics you want to report on. Need a dashboard just for management? No problem. Want your restaurant managers to have greater access to data about their individual location? Done.

A suite of reports comes as standard, but custom dashboards are where Distil’s real power shines through.

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Forecasting availability and demand dashboard - part of data science for restaurants with

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Frequently asked questions

What kind of data do I have in OpenTable?

Guest bookings in OpenTable creates two types of data – guest data and booking data. Guest data contains their personal information – name, email address, telephone number etc. The booking data contains the time, date and location of the reservation. Distil’s native integration with OpenTable’s API allows you to bring both data sources together in one place.

I use a different restaurant management system, can I still use Distil?

Absolutely. Distil was created to connect to almost any database with no custom code needed. Most platforms we’ve encountered store their data in a database that’s easily connected to Distil in just a few clicks. On the very few occasions where that’s not possible, a custom API integration is usually the route we recommend to extract your data.

What can I do with my data once it’s all in one place?

The possibilities really are limitless! Once you have all your data sources in one place, you will have one single record for every customer – so you could work on personalised marketing, loyalty offers, incentives or rewards for your best customers. You can also use it to look at operational improvements, individual restaurant location KPIs and scorecards, automated reporting to individual departments – it’s all possible with Distil’s data science for restaurants suite.

Ready to cook up a storm with your data?

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