Distil.ai Launches With A Bang

At #DataDistilled

The place: London.
The crowd: all our favourite data nerds.
The event: #DataDistilled 

We were falling off our chairs with excitement at the end of last year when we finally got the chance to officially launch our data management tool Distil.ai.

It was finally the night: the Distil.ai launch event at #DataDistilled.

We were thrilled to welcome a whole host of excellent humans from the worlds of data and marketing to the beautifully modern environs of Paddington Works, to meet, drink, and geek out about the future of data, and how Distil.ai can shape it.

Guest speaker and all round Smart Man Stewart Redpath kicked things off with his thoughts on the trajectory of data marketing, from a thing everyone would have liked to do but couldn’t, right up to today, when tools like Distil.ai make it possible to turn mountains of data into pin-point-precise personalisation opportunities delivered against specific and live customer needs. He also gave a shout out to the Bristol Evening Post. Nice.

We then heard from our very own Gerry McNicol. Gerry talked about the issues we at BiG Data Consultancy had seen our clients dealing with time and again, and how we took the answers to those questions and turned them into Distil.ai.

Gerry also used an elaborate chair metaphor (no really) to shine a light on what Distil.ai does, but, more importantly, what it enables: big ideas brought to life. Because, as he explained, data is only data until someone puts it to use, making events like #DataDistilled, where data and marketing professionals get together and talk to each other, so important to driving the sector forward.

Finally, we were #blessed to be joined by Luke Lang, one of the founders and CMO of crowdfunding platform Crowdcube. All those who said the words ‘data’ and ‘rousing’ couldn’t be put together were proved dead wrong when Luke kicked off our #DataDistilled debate with his first-hand experience of Distil.ai’s personalisation powers. We were immensely grateful to him and all our clients who brought their marketing insight to the debate that afternoon, helping put the ‘why’ to our ‘how’, and inspiring us to think even bigger about all the things this new tool can do.

View highlights in action here