How to use Data to create high impact Customer Experiences

At Distil we’re passionate about getting the right data in the hands of our customers so that they are able to create great Customer Experiences for us all.

But with so many tools, channels and platforms out there – all promising so much – it can be forgiven that our marketeer may take a moment to consider which solution is the most suited for their business and indeed, how best to apply it?

All the tools that you are using or planning to use – need data!

And someone in your company need to understand what data is needed, where to find it and how to connect it with the tool of your choice.

Time and time again we get asked how to use data to drive personalisation on site, how to use Data with Google, how to use Data in Mailchimp…

Good news! We’ve launched Distil Data for Customer Experience channel where we will be answering all questions on data, tools, templates, channels and so much more.

We’re kicking this off with Mailchimp for personalisation , Google Optimize A/B testing feature and Google Optimize Personalisation feature.

Got any questions?

Drop us a line to see how can help you understand your customers better.