Distil Shopify App: AI Business Analytics

Free AI Driven Business Analytics for all Shopify Stores.

Introduction to Distil Shopify Analytics

Plug in the free Distil Shopify app and start transforming your customer, marketing and business data into sales growth today.

Distil AI: Business Analytics FAQ

Is Distil AI: Business Analytics free? Do I need to have an in-house analyst to use Distil AI: Business Analytics? Is my data safe with Distil AI: Business Analytics? Read this section for all these questions and more.

Analytics: Daily Stats

A summary of your key metrics is available at the top of your daily analytics feed. This provides you with the key figures driving your business with your daily analytics check in.

Analytics: Monday Briefing

This analytics card is about making sure everyone in your team is up to speed. How did the business perform last week, where are you in your sales cycle and forecast and what targets should you set? This card also takes your latest data and gives you a forecast for your end-of-quarter and end-of-year figures. 

Analytics: Customer Segmentation Tuesday

Customer Segmentation Tuesday card is designed to get you started down the road of understanding who your customers are by describing the key attributes of your most important Segments as well as monitoring how those segments are changing over time.

Analytics: Wrap-up Friday

Analytics Friday card is about letting your team check in on performance measured against the start of the week’s forecast. Hopefully you have smashed it, but if not, it’s good to know early if you have underperformed.