Introduction to Distil Shopify Analytics

Distil is here to help businesses like yours transform data from an expensive, time-consuming challenge into a powerful goal-achieving asset.

Most data tools present you with numbers and no real insight. They make you do all the work, or worse, make you hire a team of specialists. With Distil you can embed A.I. right at the heart of your business and let it take the load. Share daily insights with  your entire team and enable them to use data to shape your business’ performance.

What is it?

Distil Shopify AI Business Analytics is a Shopify Marketplace app that you can install directly into your store. It connects Distil AI with your Store to give you and your team deep insights into your business performance, customers and marketing.

Business Performance Analytics

Have business performance analytics delivered to your whole team in time for Briefing Monday or Wrap-up Friday. Get the lowdown on how the previous week went – and what targets you can set to make this one even better and stay on top of where you are in the sales cycle and how your end-of-year figures are looking.

Customer Analytics 

Discover what your customers are really like – and how, when and why they really spend. Distil combs through your customer data, segments them automatically and lets you understand the difference between high value and low value customers.

Marketing Analytics

See how effective your marketing really is and clue up on what channels are bringing in the best new customers, moving existing ones along your funnel and driving the best ROI.