A.I. Tags – Marketing Subscribed

The third roll-up status you have is the A.I. Tags Marketing Subscribed value. This is driven by a basic ruleset and can be a useful, less pessimistic, method of creating your GDPR list. 

This will add one of the following values to each Customer:

  • Unsubscribed: The Customer has to have been found to have at least one Unsubscribe and no Subscribes. 
  • Partial: The Customer has been found to have a mix of Subscribe and Unsubscibes across your datasets. 
  • Subscribed: The Customer has been found to have only Subscribes across your datasets. No unsubscribes. 
  • Unknown: The Customer has been found to have no Subscribe or Unsubscribe information across your datasets. 

You can of course mix these attributes with the raw TRUE/FALSE subscribe information in each dataset to create the perfect mix.