Source GDPR Status

Let’s start with the source of Customer consent. This is likely to be gathered in one or two (or even many) places. If you are working in a business that has a single source of this consent, then hats off! Often though we find that there is an email marketing tool, a backend-database and plethora of other Customer experience tools that have some form of consent or unsubscribe capture. And tools such as Mailchimp have multiple Audiences, each with their own Unsubscribe flows. 

If the source system has consent information the value of this is brought into Distil AI and mapped as core attribute. I.e. it is recognised, in the same way as an email address or first name would be. 

You can use these values with the Segmentation tool to create a Subscribed Segment. Because you have this value in your Single Customer View from all tools you work with it is possible to create nuanced Segmentation conditions. Depending on your scenario this may be the best approach. 

Distil also provides a set of roll-up statues that may save you some effort.