Distil Tracking

Event Tracking provides Distil.ai with a real-time stream of data. This supplies a detailed record of Customer interactions with your platform. Tracking is key for many of the machine learning Enrichments built into Distil.ai. The Products a Customer looks at is a cornerstone of the Distil.ai Recommendation Engine. Understanding those who are engaged, and those who are in danger of losing interest and churning.

Data Forwarding

Deploying Tracking is a technical task. A coder who has permission to push changes to your platform will likely be needed to assist you. The good news is that once Tracking is set up, Distil.ai can forward Events to other tools in your marketing stack, and this means that this is a one time job. Once performed it can unlock a lot of other marketing platforms without further work for your development team. The Distil.ai Supported Onboarding service can advise you, and your development team, through the Tracking deployment.

Setting up Tracking

Event Tracking revolves around sending data packets into an end-point when specific events occur. Each data packet contains a set of attributes and their values in JSON format. Event Tracking data is sent to Distil using JavaScript code placed directly onto your website. Types of Event Data are discussed in the next section.

This Following documents describe the two principal ways that are used to provide Distil with Event Tracking data. Select the method to see more details for each.

Your software development team will likely determine the approach they wish to use. There are advantages to each approach and discussion of alternative approaches is part of the Supported Onboarding service, should you require it.