August 2021 Product Update

It may be summer here in the UK and everyone is enjoying a bit of time off after being locked in their houses over the covid period but that hasn’t stopped us getting some updates to Distil AI out. 

Attribute Grouping

This month the main new feature is the introduction of Attribute Grouping across the Distil User Interface. 

As you connect more of your operational platforms, backend databases and engagement tracking to Distil AI the amount of data in your Single Customer View grows. Some of our Users have tens of thousands of attributes per Customer. This is great for creating cross-platform Segments and pushing data from one system into another. But it can also make finding this attribute difficult. So with this release we have introduced Attribute Grouping across all the attribute selector views in Distil. From Segmentation, Viewing a Single Customers Profile and creating Destinations that push Customer data from one system to another, attributes are now Grouped by their data source. This makes life a lot easier, which is something we love to do!