July 2021 Product Update

A.I. Tags

Reducing the time it takes to understand your Customers has always been at the heart of our mission here at Distil.ai. And with the introduction of A.I. Tags we make it super simple to classify and Segment your Customers. A Single Customer View in Distil is more than just all your data squashed together. The A.I. Engine in Distil looks at each of your Customers profiles, and, if it finds something interesting, adds that into their profile as well – as an A.I. Tag. 

We have tags that cover Customer Value, so you can understand how many Customers High, Medium and Low spending Customers you have. Engagement Recency and Purchase Recency that bakes RFI modelling right into your Customer data layer. These are rolled up into a Risk of Leaving A.I. Tag that continually helps you monitor Customers who are about to churn. 

And on the other side of the coin a Loyalty tag that looks for those Customers who already love you, and those that, with a bit more care could be made to fall in love. And Newness, so you can treat your new Customers to special attention. We also have a roll-up Marketing Subscribed tag, which will help in those super complex GDPR Subscription scenarios. 

A.I. Tags are added directly into each Customers Profile. Meaning you can use them in Segmentation and the Distil BI Portal in your analytics and reports, but you also feed those values into marketing and communication execution tools to create highly relevant experiences across your whole business. 

Trigger Customer Identification via URL Parameter

Increasing the coverage of Customer Identification is central to ensuring your analytics are accurate and your personalisation is relevant. With this update to Distil AI we have included the ability to trigger Customer Identification via a parameter embedded in a URL. This means that we no longer require the Customer to perform an onsite action that triggers Identification; e.g. signing in, registering for a newsletter etc. This feature is primarily designed for use cases where Customer Identification coverage is low – but it can be used tactically by all to increase coverage on areas of your site or app where it might be lower than others. Content management and cross-platform usage for example. 

Zapier Integration

Zapier is a third-party platform that enables the passing of data from one service to another. In this update we have released the first version of our Zapier Integration and launched our Zapier app. You can use this to set-up flows that send small amounts of data into your Single Customer View. For example you could create a Google Sheet where you fill in Customers who have registered for an event. 

This version of our Zapier app is restricted to only Customer Core attributes; email address, first/last name, marketing subscribed etc. A further release will follow shortly that allows you to create your own bespoke attributes for each Customer and Zapier data flow.