September 2021 Product Update

Shopify Integration 

Shopify is a platform that we’re doing a great deal with. In this update we have released the first version of our Integration that enables the reading of all your CustomerProduct and Purchase data out of one or more (multiple) Shopify accounts into the Distil Single Customer View and all the other Analytics, A.I. Enhancement and Personalisation data pushing tools built into Distil. 

With this integration you can now push your Shopify data into your Distil Business Intelligence Portal, or if you prefer to get your hands dirty, straight into your SQL Data Warehouse. It also means our Product Subscription detection service, A.I. Segmentation, Marketing Analytics, Customer Profiling and Personalisation features all work with Shopify. 

If you are a Shopify store and looking to get on top of your data, now is the time to speak to us! And if you are a Shopify Agency now is also the time to reach out to us about our partnership opportunities to understand who you can get ahead of your competition with your Clients. We’re keen to speak to you.

BI Portal and SQL Data warehouse Updates

Distil is all about a Single Customer View right? Well if you are going to truly understand your Customers you also need to have a unified view of your Products, Content and Engagement. This release makes available a unified Product and Content view in the Distil BI Portal and SQL Data Warehouse. 

With access to raw Engagement data you can now develop sophisticated analytics that cover the complete Customer Experience.