Building Segments

A Segment can be created by selecting the red + symbol above the Segment list on the Customers screen.

A Segment must be given a unique name and a description. A Segment type must also be chosen: Private, by selecting the “Segment is only visible to me” checkbox (the default value) or by unselecting this checkbox and making this a Shared Segment.

Another selection should be made in the Segment Growth option:

  • Growing this Segment is good (default) – i.e. you want to have as many customers as possible in this Segment.
  • Shrinking this Segment is good – i.e. you want to have as few customers as possible in this Segment.
  • Segment size does not matter – i.e. it makes no difference if the number of customers in this segment changes.

The next step is to define the Segment Conditions that determine which customers will appear in this Segment.

The conditions are defined using the values contained within any Distil Attribute. Select the ellipsis (?) adjacent to the “Please Select an Attribute” and a list of Attributes will be shown from which one can be selected. There is a search bar to help to find Attributes by name.

Once an attribute has been chosen another box appears with “Please Select Condition”. When selected this contains a number of operators that are appropriate to the data type of the selected attribute. For example a text attribute may display such conditions as “Equals”, “Contains”, “Starts With” etc., whereas a date attribute will show “After” or ”Before”, and a numerical attribute will have “Greater Than” or “Less Than”.

When a Condition has been selected then another box appears where the definition can be entered e.g. the text to search for within a string or the date before which to include in the Segment.

Once the definition is complete then this can be Saved using the Save option. Additional conditions can then be defined. Once the first condition is saved the user will be able to preview the Customer records that meet the current Segment Conditions by selecting the Preview option at the top of the screen. This will also return the number of customers in the Segment. Clicking cancel from the Preview will return the user to the Segment builder.

The Conditions can be defined in one or more Groups (the grey box) and set so that All or Any of the conditions within either all the Groups or within each Group are met.

Once all the Segment Conditions have been defined then the Save button can be clicked to create the new segment. The Segment can be edited at any time by selecting the Segment from the Customers screen and then clicking Edit Segment in the top left corner. Segments can be deleted from within the Edit Segment screen. It is important to note that Segments that are being used in live Destinations cannot be altered or deleted until they are removed from all Destinations.