Chronotype Enrichment

The Chronotype Enrichment uses tracking event data to derive at what times customers interact with your website. In order to enable this Enrichment tracking data must be enabled with Distil. The Enrichment creates the following attributes for each customer, where sufficient data is available:

  • Assignment Type – indicates if a Chronotype has been assigned to a customer.
  • Chronotype Classification – the period of the day when a customer is typically active (mornings, evenings etc.).
  • Confidence Score – an index (0 to 1) representing the confidence with which the chronotype values have been assigned, based on the available data. The higher the score the greater the confidence level.
  • Day Type – the Customer’s preferred period in the week (Sundays, weekends, Mondays etc.)
  • Preferred Hour – the Customer’s preferred hour of day (0-23)

Chronotype Enrichment Settings

Within the Enrichment settings the user has the ability to define how some Chronotype attributes are calculated.

  • How many categories will be created in the Chronotype Classification attribute – either two, three or six.
  • The periods defined in the Day Type attribute – either week/weekend or individual day of the week.
  • Whether to randomly assign Chronotypes to Customers who do not have sufficient engagement data, or to set the Chronotype as Unknown for these Customers.

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