Customer Profile

The Customer Profile panel displays the full details that Distil holds for a customer. This Panel can be opened either by searching for a customer using the Customer Search tool or by clicking on a customer in the Data Panel of the Customers screen.

The information contained in the Customer Profile panel is detailed below:

  • Customer Lifetime Value
  • Spend Bracket (if the Spend Bracket Enrichment has been enabled)
  • Chronotype (if the Chronotype Enrichment has been enabled)
  • Product
    • Top 5 Product Recommendations – the current recommended Product set for this customer (if the Product Recommendations Enrichment has been enabled)
    • Product View History – shows the Products that the Customer has viewed
    • Product Purchase History – shows the Products that the Customer has purchased
  • Destinations – shows the Destinations that the Customer is being synced to
  • Segments
    • Current Segments – lists the Segments that the Customer is currently in and when they joined that Segment
    • Segment History – list the Segments that the Customer has previously belonged to as well as the dates that the joined and left each Segment
  • Customer Data – shows every attribute held in Distil for that Customer, grouped by Data Source or Enrichment