Data Panel

The Data panel allows users to view the details of every customer in the selected segment, with every attribute for every Distil data source (as well as Distil A.I. Tags and Enrichments) shown as columns. Tabs at the top of the panel enable users to quickly navigate to the attributes for that data source.

Clicking on any Customer within the Data Panel will open the Customer Profile panel, from where the full details that Distil holds for that customer can be viewed.

The Segment records can also be downloaded as a csv file by clicking on the Download CSV button above the Data panel.


As there may be hundreds of customer attributes shown on the Distil Data panel, views can be created in order to show only relevant attributes. The ‘Default View’ is pre-defined within Distil – clicking on black view button above the data panel (displaying the name of the currently selected view) will display a list of all the currently available views. Selecting a view will change the attributes displayed in the data panel; selecting the edit icon next to each view will allow the attributes used in that view to be altered or the view to be deleted; and selecting Create New will allow a new view to be defined.

Views can only be seen by the user who created them.

Creating New Views

When the Create New button is selected from the view menu on the Distil Data panel a window appears, at the top of which is a box allowing the user to give the new view a new name (The default name ‘View’ followed by a number is already provided when the view is created). 

Below this is a checklist containing the names of all the attributes available within Distil, grouped by the datasource to which they belong. To make it easier to Navigate the name of an attribute can be found using the search bar above the attribute list. Any attributes that the user wishes to appear in the view can be added to the view by checking the box next to the attribute’s name. If the user wants to select all the attributes in a data source, the box next to the attribute name can also be selected.

The user can then either save the view by clicking Save or delete it by clicking the delete icon.

Next Steps

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