Engagement Enrichment

The Engagement Enrichment assigns attributes to Customers based on their Churn rate.

In order to enable this Enrichment tracking data must be enabled with Distil. The Enrichment creates the following attributes for each customer, where sufficient data is available:

  • Average Session Duration
  • Churn
  • Days Since Last Visit
  • First Seen
  • Last Seen
  • Max. Session Duration
  • Min. Session Duration
  • Num Anonymous Ids
  • Num. Content Viewed
  • Num. Devices Used
  • Num. Mac Desktop Engagements
  • Num. Mobile iPhone Engagements
  • Num. Mobile/Tablet Android Engagements
  • Num. Other Device Engagements
  • Num. Products Viewed
  • Num. Sessions
  • Num. Tablet IPad Engagements
  • Num. Windows Desktop Engagements
  • Percentile Rank of Customer Visits Over Last 90 Days
  • Total Engagements Events
  • Total Session Duration(s)

Engagement Enrichment Settings

The Churn values can be defined within the Engagement Enrichment settings, depending on the frequency with which Customers Interact with your site.


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