Distil uses in-built algorithms to automatically enrich your customer data with attributes that can be used to build Segments within Distil or forward to Integrated platforms. These Enrichments can be viewed within Distil on the Customers screen, by selecting Enrichment at the top of the screen. The available Enrichments are listed down the left hand side of the screen, and are described in the following sections. Each Enrichment can be enabled or disabled by using the switch at the top of each Enrichment’s settings screen.

When an Enrichment is enabled a new tab will be created in the Data panel of the Customers screen, containing the attributes created by that Enrichment. These can then be used to define views and to build Customer Segments. Please refer to the Segments sections for more information.

It may take a few moments for the Enrichment Attributes to be processed by Distil once they have been configured in the Enrichment settings.

In this Section

Chronotype Enrichment

Engagement Enrichment

Spend Bracket Enrichment

Product Recommendations Enrichment