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Data Driven Personalisation in Google Optimize

How to use data in Google Optimize Personalisation feature?

In Google Optimize Part 1 we looked how we can use A/B Testing to create an experiment that compared two new emotive Titles for the website were you and I work “Gerry’s Vets Online Hub Place”. 

One of the headlines was chosen by you.  And one was chosen by me. That A/B Test is still running, and we’re looking forward to seeing who’s idea wins. But now, we’ve been called into see the bosses. Some things have transpired in the competitive landscape … and we’ve been told we need to step up our game. 

It’s time to use “data” and  unleash some real Personalisation!

If you missed our Google Optimize, Part 1 – A/B Testing walk-through – you can see it here

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