ICO data broking action against Experian

Our comment

Experian ignores data protection laws, undertaking invisible personal data processing.

Following a two year investigation, the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) has recently taken action against Experian following concerns about how it handles personal data in its direct marketing services.

Experian was found to have used personal data without individuals’ knowledge or consent. Two other credit reference agencies, Equifax and TransUnion, were also processing personal data against data protection law. The latter two companies made improvements to their processes and withdrew certain products, and face no further action from the ICO. Experian made limited changes but the ICO is not satisfied with their compliance and has issued an enforcement notice.

Gerry McNicol, CEO and founder of Distil.ai welcomes ICO’s decision:

Every individual is in charge of their personal data and has the right to decide how it is used. This isn’t only something we passionately believe in here at Distil.ai – this is the law. Every business is required to tell individuals what personal data they’re collecting and how this is being used. We’re striving for consumers to trust businesses with their data, we want them to know it’s safe and secure to share and in doing so they will benefit from it. The legislation is there to protect consumers and no organisation should feel they are exempt from it.

For more details on the ICO’s findings and action read their report on the data broking investigation.

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