Use's Drip integration to pull in Customer datasets. Customise your customer data integration with

Drip Integration

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The Drip integration brings in a Customer dataset. The standard set of attributes that are brought for this integration are shown in the table below. If you have made any customisations to your Drip setup then bringing these in can be discussed during Supported Onboarding.

Customer Attributes

Customers in are aligned to Subscribers in Drip. AttributeMapped Drip AttributeDrip Attribute Description
Customer Id/subscribers.idA read-only Drip generated unique id used to identify each subscriber record.
First Name/subscribers.first_nameThe subscriber’s first name.
Last Name/subscribers.last_nameThe subscriber’s last name.
Email Address/subscribers.emailThe subscriber’s email address.
Mobile Phone Number/subscribers.phoneThe subscriber’s primary phone number.
GDPR Status – Marketing Subscribed/subscribers.eu_consentA string describing whether the subscriber GDPR consent is granted, denied, or unknown.
GDPR Status – Right of Access Requested
GDPR Status – Anonymise Data
Facebook Slug
Twitter Handle
Instagram Handle
LinkedIn Slug
Postal Address Line 1/subscribers.address1The subscriber’s mailing address.
Postal Address Line 2/subscribers.address2An additional field for the subscriber’s mailing address.
Postal Address Town/subscribers.cityThe city, town, or village in which the subscriber resides.
Postal Address Region/subscribers.stateThe region in which the subscriber resides. Typically a province, a state, or a prefecture.
Postal Address Country/subscribers.countryThe country in which the subscriber resides.
Postal Address Postcode/subscribers.zipThe postal code in which the subscriber resides, also known as zip, postcode, Eircode, etc.
Billing Address Line 1
Billing Address Line 2
Billing Address Town
Billing Address Region
Billing Address Country
Billing Address Postcode

Additional Customer Attributes available from Drip can be found here. These may added as Custom Attributes into the Customers dataset.