Use's Ecwid integration to pull in Customer, Product and Purchase history datasets. Customise your customer data integration with

Ecwid Integration

Ecwid gives you the power to easily sell anywhere, to anyone — across the internet and around the world. Control everything from a single platform with centralized inventory, order management, and pricing.

Create, manage, and track advertisements, all from your Ecwid dashboard. Create low-cost advertisements that drive the right shoppers to your store in minutes.”

The Ecwid integration brings in Customer, Product and Purchase History datasets. The standard set of attributes that are brought for this integration are shown in the table below. If you have made any customisations to your Ecwid setup then bringing these in can be discussed during Supported Onboarding.

Customer Attributes AttributeMapped Ecwid AttributeEcwid Attribute Description
Customer Id/customers.idUnique internal customer ID
First Name/customers/billingPerson.nameCustomer full name
Last Name/customers/billingPerson.nameCustomer full name
Email Address/customers.emailCustomer email
Mobile Phone Number/customers/billingPerson.phonePhone number
GDPR Status – Marketing Subscribed/customers.acceptMarketingtrue if customer has accepted email marketing and you can use their email for promotions. If value is false, you can’t use this email for promotions
GDPR Status – Right of Access Requested
GDPR Status – Anonymise Data
Facebook Slug
Twitter Handle
Instagram Handle
LinkedIn Slug
Postal Address Line 1/customers/shippingAddresses.streetStreet
Postal Address Line 2
Postal Address Town/customers/shippingAddresses.cityCity
Postal Address Region/customers/shippingAddresses.stateOrProvinceNameState/province code
Postal Address Country/customers/shippingAddresses.countryNameCountry name
Postal Address Postcode/customers/shippingAddresses.postalCodePostal code (zip code)
Billing Address Line 1/customers/billingPerson.streetStreet
Billing Address Line 2
Billing Address Town/customers/billingPerson.cityCity
Billing Address Region/customers/billingPerson.stateOrProvinceNameState/province name
Billing Address Country/customers/billingPerson.countryNameCountry name
Billing Address Postcode/customers/billingPerson.postalCodePostal code (zip code)

Additional Customer Attributes available from Ecwid can be found here. These may added as Custom Attributes into the Customers dataset.

Product Attributes AttributeMapped Ecwid AttributeEcwid Attribute Description
Product Id/products.idUnique integer product identifier
Product Name/products.nameProduct title
Precis/products.descriptionProduct description in HTML
Thumbnail URL/products/media/images.image160pxUrlURL of the product thumbnail resized to fit 160x160px
Image URL/products/media/images.imageOriginalUrlURL of the image in its original resolution
Shop URL/products.urlURL of product details page in the storefront. URL will be provided in SEO-friendly format if Ecwid knows the store uses them.
Available/products.enabledtrue if product is enabled, false otherwise. Disabled products are not displayed in the store front.
List Price – Excluding Tax/products.priceBase product price
List Price – Including Tax/products.defaultDisplayedPriceProduct price displayed in a storefront for logged out customer for default location (store location). May differ from the price value when the product has options and variations and the default variation’s price is different from the base product price. It also includes taxes
Price Breaks Description/products.wholesalePricesSorted array of wholesale price tiers (quantity limit and price pairs)
Category/products.categoryIdList of the categories, which the product belongs to.

Additional Product Attributes available from Ecwid can be found here. These may added as Custom Attributes into the Products dataset.

Purchase History Attributes AttributeMapped Ecwid AttributeEcwid Attribute Description
Id/orders/items.idOrder item ID. Can be used to address the item in the order.
Customer Id/orders.customerIdUnique customer internal ID (if the order is placed by a registered user)
Order Id/orders.orderNumberUnique order number without prefixes/suffixes
Product Id/orders/items.productIdStore product ID
Order Timestamp UTC/orders.createDateThe date/time of order placement
Quantityorders/items.quantityAmount purchased
Line Value Excluding Tax/orders/items.pricePrice of ordered item in the cart
Line Value Including Tax/orders/items.taxTax amount applied to the item
Payment method/orders.paymentMethodPayment method name
Postal Address Line 1/orders/shippingPerson.streetAddress line 1 and address line 2, separated by ’\n’
Postal Address Line 2/orders/shippingPerson.streetAddress line 1 and address line 2, separated by ’\n’
Postal Address Town/orders/shippingPerson.cityCity
Postal Address Region/orders/shippingPerson.stateOrProvinceNameState/province name
Postal Address Country/orders/shippingPerson.countryNameCountry name
Postal Address Postcode/orders/shippingPerson.postalCodePostal/ZIP code
Billing Address Line 1/orders/billingPerson.streetAddress line 1 and address line 2, separated by ’\n’
Billing Address Line 2/orders/billingPerson.streetAddress line 1 and address line 2, separated by ’\n’
Billing Address Town/orders/billingPerson.cityCity
Billing Address Region/orders/billingPerson.stateOrProvinceNameState/province name
Billing Address Country/orders/billingPerson.countryNameCountry name
Billing Address Postcode/orders/billingPerson.postalCodePostal/ZIP code

Additional Purchase History Attributes available from Ecwid can be found here. These may added as Custom Attributes into the Purchase History dataset.