Use's Intercom integration to pull in Customer datasets. Customise your customer data integration with

Intercom Integration

Better customer relationships start here. Drive loyalty and growth at every stage of your customer lifecycle with Intercom—the best in real-time business messaging.”

The Intercom integration brings in a Customer dataset. The standard set of attributes that are brought for this integration are shown in the table below. If you have made any customisations to your Intercom setup then bringing these in can be discussed during Supported Onboarding.

Customer Attributes

Customers in are aligned to Users in Intercom. AttributeMapped Intercom AttributeIntercom Attribute Description
Customer Id/users.user_idThe user id you have defined for the user
First Name/users.nameThe full name of the user
Last Name/users.nameThe full name of the user
Email Address/users.emailThe email you have defined for the user
Mobile Phone Number/users.phoneThe phone number of the user
GDPR Status – Marketing Subscribed/users.unsubscribed_from_emailsWhether the user is unsubscribed from emails
GDPR Status – Right of Access Requested
GDPR Status – Anonymise Data
Facebook Slug/users/social_profiles/social_profiles.username (where name=’facebook’)User name or handle on the service
Twitter Handle/users/social_profiles/social_profiles.username (where name=’twitter’)User name or handle on the service
Instagram Handle/users/social_profiles/social_profiles.username (where name=’instagram’)User name or handle on the service
LinkedIn Slug/users/social_profiles/social_profiles.username (where name=’linkedin’)User name or handle on the service
Postal Address Line 1
Postal Address Line 2
Postal Address Town/users/location_data.city_nameA city name
Postal Address Region/users/location_data.region_nameA region name
Postal Address Country/users/location_data.country_nameThe country name
Postal Address Postcode/users/location_data.postal_codeA postal code
Billing Address Line 1
Billing Address Line 2
Billing Address Town
Billing Address Region
Billing Address Country
Billing Address Postcode

Additional Customer Attributes available from Intercom can be found here. These may added as Custom Attributes into the Customers dataset.