Marketing Analytics

Is your marketing hitting the mark?

Let your data reveal how effective your marketing campaigns and channels already are and how to make them even better. See how many customers each one is bringing in, how valuable they are and what ROI they’re generating.

Data that persuades

It’s all very well knowing you have an A.I. Segment of 10,000 Customers who are loyal and high-value, or having a 5,002 Customers who once were high-value and loyal but are in danger of churning… but if you can’t do anything about it – then knowledge isn’t power, it’s frustration.

Turning you into a modern-day Cassandra. But the opposite is also true – sprinting into action without a plan, and without means of measurement is equally foolhardy. Like going into a sword fight with a mask over your eyes – someone is going to get hurt, probably you!

Customer Demographics view

Displays everything you need to know about the demographic make up of your customers, their segments, cohorts.

Channel Attribution view

Displays detailed information where your each order, session, interaction came from.

Marketing ROI Analytics

You are only interested in tools that allow you to deliver your business strategy. You need better ways to stay one step ahead of the competition, connect with your customers and exceed their expectations. You need to see a clear ROI. provides you with useful and relevant customer data that you can trust to build the ROI you’re after.

Channel Attribution Analytics

A customer’s road from 1st encounter to final click can be long and winding, or short and sweet. So why just measure the final step?

Distil’s Channel Attribution assesses the impact of each channel for different customer segments. So you’ll know which channels to increase investment in and which need to be downgraded or withdrawn from the mix altogether.

Campaign Performance Analytics

Discover which campaigns justify their costs and which don’t, so you can develop your marketing strategy to ensure it always delivers good value and good value customers.

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