Welcome to the Onboarding Guide

This onboarding guide will help you setup a Customer Data Layer. A record of all the people upon which the success of your business is based that you can trust.

Who is the onboarding guide for? 

This guide is for roles within the Marketing and Product teams. We have made every effort to keep the amount of code and database configuration to a minimum. As a result there will be a few places where we will need an engineer to help out. The installation of tracking code. Or the connecting to databases and configuring of security and firewalls. These documents are labelled as Technical, Database Admin or Coder.

Supported Onboarding

We’re passionate about helping you get the benefits from a Distil.ai Customer Data Layer. The Supported Onboarding is the best way to get up and running with Distil.ai.

Whether you are looking for some engineering assistance or advice on Customer Data Layer best practice; perhaps you need a fully managed onboarding process or just a quick chat – we’re here to help. Supported Onboarding is tailored to suit your needs.

What’s next?

Please go ahead and create your Distil.ai account – Get Distil.ai. Once you have done this, an Account Manager will be in touch to guide you through your Onboarding options.

If you have already created an account – please head over to the Onboarding Task List.