Aim of Onboarding

The aim of the onboarding section is the loading of your Customer, Product, Purchase and Event data into to form a Customer Data Layer. The documents in this section focus on this and not the usage of, which can be found in the User Guide.

Task List

  1. What is a Customer Data Layer? This section describes the business benefits of a Customer Data Layer. Being familiar with the concepts behind a Customer Data Layers provides useful background for the tasks you will need to perform during the onboarding process.
  2. Understanding Datasets. Customer data is at the heart of To get the best out of and your full marketing stack it is also advisable to provide Product, Purchase History and Event data. This section describes each of the four key datasets. With this knowledge you can plan out how best to bring them into
  3. Bringing in data. Let’s get to work! This section takes you through the three ways you can bring data into Integrations, Database Sync’s and Web and Mobile Event Tracking.
  4. Next Actions. With your Customer Data Layer complete this section gives you some pointers on putting it to use.

It is worth book marking this page while you are going through the onboarding process.