Third-party systems are a treasure trove of useful data. However, a common issue faced by many businesses is that these tools lock away their data. Often used in isolation, only accessed by the team that commissioned them. It is hard to get at this data and use it to make a contribution to the relevancy of your messages.

One of the benefits of setting up a Customer Data Layer is being able to see all your Customer attributes together, in one list. Having attributes from each of your third-party systems and Databases together unlocks powerful workflows. Being able to Segment Customers using data from multiple systems. And being able to decided which is the best channel for an individual.

Third-party integrations

The majority of modern platforms provide a public API. uses these to connect too and pull out relevant Customer data. Our aim is to develop a Customer Data Layer. It is only those that map to the Datasets section which are extracted and loaded.

Thousands of Integrations

There are thousands of systems meeting many business needs. From CRMs to Help-desks, to Machine Learning Toolkits and Accounts packages. Working with Customer Data is the foundation of many teams daily activities.

The Integrations directory shows a sample of the platforms from which we have pulled data. Each platform is unique. Some will contain only a subset of the Datasets. The mapping between the data in each Integration to the Datasets can be seen in the Integrations Directory.

There are two ways to connect to these systems; using a built in Integration, or via Managed Integration, setup via Supported Onboarding.

Built-in Integrations

We are adding Built-in Integrations into everyday. To use one of these simply click on the Integrations icon within the Settings > Integrations section of, then follow the on-screen prompts.

Each Integration is unique. Each has their own unique set of requirements. A link to the help for each Integration is be provided on the settings page.

Managed Integrations

If the platform you use is not available as a Built-in Integration, don’t worry. Most platforms out there are available as Managed Integrations – and available as part of the standard subscription.

Speak to us via Supported Onboarding to get started with these.