Types of Event Data

The data packets that should be sent in the Event Stream are described below. Each section describes how the data should be transferred, how it should be structured and when to send the it. A JSON example for each is provided. This is applicable to all three approaches.

  • Context. This contains information about the context, or situation, that has resulted in the Event. For example the Browser, or Mobile device being used.
  • Customer Identification. This data packet lets Distil.ai know that the session belongs to a specific Customer.
  • Product. This describes how information about a Products being viewed by a Customer is transferred.
  • Orders. This describes how Order information transferred.

The more coverage you have for these events, the better your Customer Data Layer will be. Supported Onboarding can asses coverage for you as well as guide your developers to best practice.

Your software development team will likely determine the approach they wish to use. There are advantages to each approach. Discussion of the alternative approaches is part of Supported Onboarding, should you need it.