Tracking Customer Identification data

The Customer Identification data is the mechanism that turns an anonymous visitor into a known Customer. This dataset matches that as described in Customer data definition from Datasets. This is usually generated when the Customer completes an authentication (sign-in) process, places an Order or signs up for a Newsletter. 

Once this data is sent through, a Session activity is attributed to that Customer. Additionally, the Anonymous Visitor Id contained in the Context Data is also associated to the Customer. This enables Sessions and Events performed by the Customer where they did not identify themselves to be tied to the Customer. 

When to Send

  • Ideally once the Customer has identified themselves the Customer Data block should be added to all Events. However, it is not required. Distil can fill in the gaps if it is missing from a few, or even the majority of Events. As a minimum Customer data should be fired when the Customer sign-in, sign-up activities. Places an Order or or provides an information, such as email address. 

Data Specification

JSON AttributeTypeRequiredDescription
CustomerIdStringYesYour unique Customer id.
The Customer’s first name
The Customer’s last name
EmailAddressStringYesThe Customers email address. This is required to ensure duplication of Customers does not occur.
GDPRStatusJSONYesGDPR Status flags for the Customer.This is a JSON block that provides the following:

Marketing Subscribed: true/false indicating if the Customer has consented to receiving marketing communications.

Right of Access Requested: true/false. The Customer has requested to see their data. Use this if you wish to record this information.

Data Anonymisation: true/falseThis value is used to indicate if this Customer wishes their data to be Deleted. If this is True no personal information will be stored against this customer, no matter what is passed through. Any historic data will also be anonymised. 
The Slug for the Customers Facebook profile. (i.e. the URL post http:/[SLUG]
The Customers twitter handle. i.e. @gerrymcnicol
The Customers Instagram Handle. i.e.[SLUG]
The Customers LinkedIn Slug. i.e.[SLUG]
Postal address JSON String containing Line1, Line 2, Town, Region, Country and Postal Code.
Key, value JSON for adding any custom attributes you wish into store against the record.

Example JSON

  "Context": {
    "DistilAccountId": "abc-123",
    "AnonymousUserID": "f7692ca5-cfd1-4604-81c8-bb8cda4908e0",
    "Device Information": "Mozilla/5.0 (Macintosh; Intel Mac OS X 10_10_5)",
    "EventTimestampUTC": "2017-03-14 23:02:17",
    "EventTimestampLocal": "2017-03-14 23:02:17",
    "PageTitle": "A Fistful of Dollars",
    "PageUrl": "",
    "ReferrerUrl": ""
  "Customer": {
    "CustomerId": "1200",
    "EmailAddress": "",
    "FirstName": "Gerry",
    "LastName": "McNicol",
    "GDPRStatus": {
      "MarketingSubscribed": true,
      "RightOfAccessRequested": false,
      "DataAnonymization":  false
    "FacebookSlug": "edgewatersports",
    "TwitterHandle":  "DistilAI",
    "InstagramHandle": "gerrymcnicol",
    "LinkedInSlug": "gerrymcnicol",
    "PostalAddress":  {
      "Line1": "BiG",
      "Line2": "The Generator",
      "Line3": ", 11-15 Dixs Field",
      "Town": "Exeter",
      "Region": "Devon",
      "Country": "United Kingdom",
      "Postcode": "EX1 1QA"
    "CustomAttributes" : {
      "CustomAttribute1": "Attribute 1",
      "CustomAttribute2": "Attribute 2",
      "CustomAttribute3": "Attribute 3"