Tracking Product data

This data is used to understand which Customers are looking at which Products. As described in the Product Data Specification only the Product ID and Name are required, additional attributes, such as the URL of the Thumbnail, Precis etc, will enable the unlocking of capabilities, such as hyper-personalised email. 

When to send

  • When a Visitor looks at a Page that contains a Single Product.
  • Note: Do not send when a Customer looks at a Page containing multiple Products unless it is clear that the page contains one main Product.

Product Data specification

This object represents the product data the user is viewing

JSON AttributeTypeRequiredDescription
ProductIdStringYesThe unique identifier for your Product.
The name of the product.
Introductory description for the product. 
URL to the Product Thumbnail.
URL to the Product image in full.
Full Url to the product page
List price excluding Tax
List Price including Tax. 
Price breaks description text. This is only used in the case of building campaigns directly from this data so can be formatted as you wish.
Key, value JSON for adding any custom attributes you wish into store against the record. 
Is the Product currently available? Yes, No

Customer Data Specification

This allows you to associate the call with a customer record.

AttributeJSON AttributeTypeRequiredDescription
CUSTOMER IDCustomerIdStringYesYour unique Customer id.
FIRST NAMEFirstNameString
The Customer’s first name
LAST NAMELastNameString
The Customer’s last name
EMAIL ADDRESSEmailAddressStringYesThe Customers email address.

Example JSON

  "Context": {
    "DistilAccountId": "abc-123",
    "AnonymousUserID": "f7692ca5-cfd1-4604-81c8-bb8cda4908e0",
    "Device Information": "Mozilla/5.0 (Macintosh; Intel Mac OS X 10_10_5)",
    "EventTimestampUTC": "2017-03-14 23:02:17",
    "EventTimestampLocal": "2017-03-14 23:02:17",
    "PageTitle": "A Fistful of Dollars",
    "PageUrl": "",
    "ReferrerUrl": ""
  "Product": {
    "Name": "LPD NuVU Roomfold Internal Oak Folding Sliding Modular Door Kit",
    "Precis": "The NuVu Roomfold system is ideal for those looking for an alternative to more conventional room divider sets.",
    "FullImageUrl": " https://www.doors-r-us/door.jpg",
    "Available": true,
    "ListPriceExTax": 100.00,
    "ListPriceIncTax": 120.00,
    "PriceBreaksDesc":"Descriptive Text: 20% discount on orders over x items",
    "CustomAttributes" : {
      "CustomAttribute1": "Attribute 1",
      "CustomAttribute2": "Attribute 2",
      "CustomAttribute3": "Attribute 3"
  }, "Customer": {
    "CustomerId": "1200",
    "EmailAddress": "",
    "FirstName": "Gerry",
    "LastName": "McNicol"  }