Product data definition

A number of features require knowledge of the Products that you sell. For example the Demographic Enrichment or the Product Recommendations Enrichment that drive the Hyper-Personalised Marketing Destinations.

The table below shows the key attributes for Products. provides multiple methods to bring this dataset in. These are detailed in Database Sync, Tracking and Integrations.

You can also use Custom Attributes to push additional data about Products into

Attribute Friendly NameAttribute database nameData TypeRequiredDescription
Product Idproduct_idTextYesThe unique identifier for a Product.
Product Nameproduct_nameTextYesThe name of the Product.
Precisproduct_precisTextNo – but helpful for hyper-personalised email marketingShort introductory description for the Product
Thumbnail URLproduct_thumbnail_urlURLNo – but required for hyper-personalised email marketingFull URL to the Product Thumbnail.
Image URLproduct_image_urlURLNo – but required for hyper-personalised email marketingFull URL to the Product Image.
Shop URLproduct_urlURLNo – but required for hyper-personalised email marketingFull URL to the Products page on your e-commerce site or App deep link.
AvailableavailableBoolean(True / False)YesIf the Product is currently available or not. 
List Price – Excluding Taxlist_price_exc_taxDecimalNo – but helpful for hyper-personalised email marketing
List Price – Including Taxlist_price_inc_taxDecimalNo – but helpful for hyper-personalised email marketing
Price Breaks Descriptionprice_breaks_descriptionText
Price breaks description text. This is used for informational purposes only so can be formatted as the Account wishes
Categoryproduct_categoryText (CSV String)No – but enables the Spend Brackets Enrichment.A CSV list of the categories each Product is in. 
For example:
Surfboards, bodyboards, kiteboards

Custom Attributes

Additional attributes you wish to store against your Product records. For instance, this is where any data you bring in from a third-party system or your backend database will be stored that cannot be mapped directly to one of the attributes listed above. 


  • Product Recommendations: This enrichment creates unique product recommendations on a Customer by Customer basis. Your Product catalogue is required for this Enrichment to work. Equally you may wish to push attributes from these recommendations into a third-party tool (such as an email client) and merge with a template. In this case having things like the Product Image URL, Shop URL are helpful.
  • Spend Brackets: This enrichment uses the Product Category attribute to identify which categories individual Customers are interested in.