Purchase History data definition

A number of Distil’s features require knowledge of your Customers’ Purchase History. For example the Product Recommendations Enrichment suggests follow-on Purchases and finds Products that are commonly purchased together, the Spend Brackets Enrichment calculates which of your Customers are the Big Spenders and the Demographic Profiling Enrichment creates socio-economic profiles based on spending behaviour.  

Providing Customer purchase history unlocks these Distil.ai features. Distil.ai provides multiple methods to bring this dataset in. These are detailed in Database SyncTracking and Integrations.

The table below shows the Purchase History data definition.

Please note that each record in this data set is equivalent to an Order Line item, i.e. all the instances of a Product being purchased in one order. Therefore one Order may be comprised of multiple rows in this data set. 

Attribute Friendly NameAttribute Database NameData TypeRequiredDescription
IdidTextYesA unique id for this row. Each row in this dataset should be unique.

It is expected that an Order Id has multiple line items, each with their own Id.
A suggestion here is to use the Order Id and Product Id combined to form a unique Id attribute value.
Customer Idcustomer_idTextYesThe ID of the Customer. This should match to a Customer Id provided in the Customers dataset.
Order Idorder_idTextYesThe Id of the Order. 
As each record in this data set is an Order Line Item, this Order Id Attribute will be duplicated for all Items in the same order. 
Product Idproduct_idTextYesThe ID of the Product purchased in this Line Item. This should match to a Product Id provided in the Products dataset. 
Order Timestamp UTCorder_timestampTimestampYesThe Timestamp of the Order in UTC.
QuantityqtyIntegerYesThe quantity of the Product purchased in this order.
Line Value Excluding Taxline_value_ex_taxDecimalYesThe value of the line, excluding any Tax.
Line Value Including Taxline_value_inc_taxDecimalYesThe value of the line, including Tax.
Payment methodpayment_methodText
String for storing the payment method.
CurrencycurrencyText in ISO Currency CodeYesISO Currency Code. https://www.iso.org/iso-4217-currency-codes.html
Postal Address Line 1postal_address_line_1Text
The postal address for the Order
Postal Address Line 2postal_address_line_2Text

Postal Address Townpostal_address_line_townText

Postal Address Regionpostal_address_line_regionText

Postal Address Countrypostal_address_line_countryText

Postal Address Postcodepostal_address_line_postcodeText

Billing Address Line 1billing_address_line_1Text
The billing address for the order
Billing Address Line 2billing_address_line_2Text

Billing Address Townbilling_address_line_townText

Billing Address Regionbilling_address_line_regionText

Billing Address Countrybilling_address_line_countryText

Billing Address Postcodebilling_address_line_postcodeText


  • Product Recommendations: This enrichment creates unique product recommendations on  a Customer by Customer basis. Customer Purchase History is used to understand which of your Products are commonly purchased together, which Products are purchased after each other, as well as excluding Products from the recommendation that a Customer has already purchased.

  • Spend Brackets: This enrichment uses the Purchase History to identify which categories individual Customers are interested in. 
  • Demographics Profile: This enrichment uses the Purchase History data overlaid with Distil.ai’s internal Demographics datasets to build profiles based on socio-economic markers and spending behaviour.