Tracking Event data definition

Tracking Event data is a feed of interactions between your Customers and your Platform, be that web, mobile or another application such as desktop, Smart-TV or Games Consoles. Unlike the other datasets the Tracking Event data represents a stream of events, rather than a table of data. 

The primary method of feeding this stream of events into is via the placement of Tracking JavaScript on your site, Mobile Event Tracking or by being sent directly into via the Tracking Event API.

The Tracking Event data is a granular page/screen level of time stamped events, such as a Page view, a Customer viewing a Product, or a Customer account being created or signed into. This makes it key for understanding behaviour across your platforms and is used in for predicting the Products that Customers are interested in, understanding who is engaged and who isn’t. As such Tracking Event data drives a number of the Data Enrichments, such as Engagement, RFI/M and Product Recommendations.

Can I access the raw Tracking Event data?

In its raw form it can be very valuable to your business, especially if you have a Business Intelligence or Data Science team. allows you to write your raw Tracking Event data directly to a data warehouse platform where your analysts can start using directly in your business reporting and analytics operations; or even develop your own Customer Enrichment Measures.

Tracking Event data definition

Attribute NameData TypeRequiredDescription
Distil Account IdTextYesThe unique identifier for the Account holder.
Event IDUUIDYesUnique event identifier in UUID (GUID) format.
Event UTC Timestamp
Event Local Timestamp
Anonymous Id
IP Address
Page Data JSONText/JSONYesJSON Object that contains details of the Page or Mobile Screen that includes the following attributes:
TitleFull URL, including query parametersFull referrer URL, including query parameters
Device Data JSONText/JSONYesJSON Object that contains details of the device that caused the event. This could be the web-browser’s user agent string or mobile device type, OS Version and id. 
The following attributes exist in this object:
Device TypeUser Agent StringDevice String
Customer Data JSONText/JSON

Product Data JSONText/JSON

Event NameText

Customer Attributes JSONText/JSON


  • Product Recommendations: This enrichment creates unique product recommendations on a Customer by Customer basis. Customer Purchase History is used to understand which of your Products are commonly purchased together, which Products are purchased after each other, as well as excluding Products from the recommendation that a Customer has already purchased.
  • Engagement: This enrichment understands your Customers’ engagement with your Platform. From marking those customers who are Churning and those who are Active, to their preferred device and average session length. These measures are calculated using this Tracking Event data set.
  • RFI/M: The RFI/M (Recency, Frequency, Intensity and Momentum) enrichment provides a longer term measure of a Customer’s engagement with your business, for example identifying those Customers who may churn, or those who are building up to a significant purchase. These measures are in part based on this Tracking Event data set.