Supported Onboarding

Our Supported Onboarding team are here to get you up and running and realising the benefits of your Customer Data Layer. Sit back and let your dedicated Account Manager get things started.

This guide details all the services that are included and describes each step in the process. Don’t forget, if you have any questions your dedicated account manager will be able to help.

What’s included?

At the conclusion of the process you will have a fully operational Customer Data Layer and be able to push data to the tools in your Marketing Stack.

The typical process follows these four steps:

What does it cost?

Supported Onboarding is available in two ways. For Customers taking out a 12-month contract all Supported Onboarding activities are included. There are no additional charges.

For those on a pay-as-you-go plan there is a Supported Onboarding fee.

Full details are available in the Pricing section.

How do I get started?

Your dedicated account manager will launch the process and will be your central point of contact throughout.

Your Account Manager is assigned when you create your Account. Head over to the Get and follow the Create Account link. Then keep an eye out for their email introducing themselves.

Additional Services

In addition to and Supported Onboarding we offer a set of complimentary services designed to make sure your data-driven marketing is journey is as effective as it can be.

Click through to Additional Services to find out more about how we can help with Bespoke Analytics, GDPR and Marketing Agency Services.


If you have not yet created your account visit Get Once you have done this an Account Manager will be assigned and will guide you through your Onboarding options.

If you have already created your account head over to the Onboarding Task List.