Build your Customer Data Layer

Here’s how to build your Customer Data Layer in and create a single unified customer data list to deliver real-time insights.

The Customer Data Layer contains all the people you need to market collected into a single list.

Typically your organisation will have pots of people in different systems. Some Customers will have details in only one system, others will have details spread across multiple systems. Either way having a single comprehensive Customer Data Layer enables you to design marketing campaigns with this holistic view in place. Segments can be designed and pushed to the tools in your marketing stack using (and including) attributes pulled from across your whole tech stack.

Customer Data Layer illustration

Customer Data Layer Example

The way we use internally to create our own Customer Data Layer illustrates a typical setup. Firstly we have Customers who are users of our product; i.e. they have a account. Our business development team place details of potential Customers and Partnerships into our CRM, which is HubSpot. We run various events using Eventbrite. We have a mailing list for people wishing to receive our newsletter. That is in Mailchimp. And our Product team uses Survey Monkey to pole Customers about Product features. 

Communicating effectively with all these groups about new features, how-to-guides as well as any affiliate schemes is the job of our Digital Marketing team. Yet the only list that team has direct responsibility for is the Mailchimp Newsletter list. And GDPR Opt-In information needs to be maintained across the whole list.

Keeping on top of this without would be a complete nightmare, or require engineering resource and ongoing maintenance. This is costly and would take away resource from the job of coding and improving out product.

Our Customer Data Layer therefore contains a unified list of Customers pulled from each of those systems. We can Segment Customers according to which stage of the journey they are at. Then communicate effectively by pushing those Segments to tools in our Marketing Stack. 

What does Supported Onboarding include?

During the Supported Onboarding process we will build your Customer Data Layer for you. We will extract Customer lists from the platforms you use and ensure that data from each is present in your Customer List merged correctly with data form your other platforms. Customer Data Layer

The data that can be extracted from each platform is detailed in the Integrations Directory. If a platform is not listed there is a high chance that we will be able to include it for you at no additional cost. The requirements for us to do so is that it has either a Publicly accessible API or has a Database we can query.

How much does it cost?


Building your Customer Data Layer with up to 6 platforms included with the Onboarding Fee, shown in Pricing.

12-month contract

Building your Customer Data Layer with up to 6 platforms included with your Subscription. The Pricing section list Subscription fees.


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