Building your Marketing Stack

An advantage of a Customer Data Layer is that it now becomes easy to push valuable Customer Data into marketing platforms. 

As described in What is a Customer Data Layer, it is typical for marketing teams to use multiple tools to deliver messages to Customers. A great deal of these tools require data. Email platforms require your Customer list. Advertising and Social platforms require Audiences to used for retargeting, exclusions and look-alike campaigns. The same applies for Instant Messaging and Analytics platforms. 

Selecting the tools to use in your marketing stack is the first step. The next is to enable them. This is often a technical process requiring engineering resources. Deploying data directly from your Customer Data Layer greatly reduces this overhead.

Reducing the load placed on your engineering team is normally enough to recoup the ROI of a Customer Data Layer. Savings are made on both the upfront integration and ongoing maintenance. It also hands control of the marketing stack to the marketing team and allows control your own timelines.

Data Quality provides a central repository for your Customer Data. It also enriches it using Machine Learning. Each Customer record in has Product Recommendations, Demographic Profiling and other dynamically added attributes. 

Using this enriched data makes each of your marketing tools better.

What does Supported Onboarding include?

The Supported Onboarding process will enable data to be pushed from your Customer Data Layer into the tools in your Marketing Stack.

The Integrations Directory lists the tools we support. If the tool you wish to use is not listed we will do our best to enable it for you. A requirement for this is that the tool must provide a public API. This should support the creation, updating, deletion and retrieving of Customer records.

How much does it cost?

12-month contract

Customers on 12-month contracts get up to 5 marketing tools enabled as part of the monthly subscription, see Pricing.


Customers on pay-as-you-go plans get up to 5 marketing tools enabled as part of the Onboarding Fee, see Pricing.


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