Analytics and Data

Your Customer Data Layer contains a great deal of valuable data. 

The Customer list itself is a full list of Customers with their associated attributes. These the attributes collected form all your systems plus the values added by the Data Enrichments.  

The Event Tracking, setup during the Onboarding process, contains an extremely rich dataset. This is a full log of Customer interactions with your platform. uses this data to drive the built-in data enrichments. If you have a business intelligence or data science capability they may find this data useful as well.

Deploy to your own Data Warehouse supports deploying this data directly to your own hosted data warehouse. For example, Amazon Redshift or Azure Azure Synapse Analytics (formally Azure SQL Data Warehouse).

Two datasets are available. The first is the core Customer List. The raw engagement data collected by the Event Tracking is the second. You can choose to use both, or just one, as the Engagement dataset can run to many millions/billions of records. 

If you are in need of bespoke analytics and you do not have an in-house capability we can help. Head over to the Additional Services section, and in particular, the Custom Analytics section.

What does Supported Onboarding include?

The Supported Onboarding process includes setting up ability to publish your datasets to your Data Warehouse.

We will require you to provision a target database using either either Amazon Redshift or Azure Synapse Analytics. Alternatively, raw CSV files can be published to an Amazon or Azure blob storage account. These can be used in your own ETL routines.

How much does Supported Onboarding cost?

12-month contract

See Pricing for more information. Supported Onboarding is included at no additional cost with Distil yearly subscription contract. Customers on a 12-month contract can deploy data to one data warehouse or one blob storage location.


See Pricing for more information. Customers on pay-as-you-go plans can deploy data to one data warehouse destination or one blob storage location as part of the Onboarding Fee.

What’s next?

We support all your marketing data needs. The next section describes the Additional Services we can provide to help fill in any gaps you may have.