What is a Customer Data Layer?

Sending the right message

Ensure personalisation and relevancy across all your communications by creating a unified customer data list: your Customer Data Layer.

Relevancy is King. Digital marketeers need to speak to each Customer in a way that is personal and relevant to each as an individual. As the old saying goes, you need to send the right message, at the right time, through the right channel.

It is the foundation upon which modern digital marketing practices are based. Yet there are so many channels. So many ways of getting messages in front of your existing and potential customers.

There is no single tool that will give you a silver bullet. Platforms that have built up large user bases compete to lock you into their tools. Facebook, Google, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, WhatsApp plus Email, SMS and Advertising Networks all vie for your attention.

Building a marketing stack

Building a complete marketing tech stack is key to the success of your team. 

You need to select the best-of-breed tool in Email, SMS, Social, Events, CRM, PPC Advertising at a price point you are comfortable with.

You need to ensure that personalisation and relevancy is delivered holistically across your whole marketing estate, including your on-platform customer experience. Not just one channel at a time.

But choosing your tools to use is just the start. Each of them needs data fuel on which to run. 

Each tool needs to know about your Customers. They all have their own unique technical integration requirements. Expensive engineering resources are often required to build and maintain the flow of data both to, and from, each platform.

This is complex and ongoing work and without care each tool can become a data silo, trapping valuable insights, regulatory compliance and even whole customer lists inside them.  

The success of your business relies on how well it can create scalable, efficient, marketing processes that speak consistently, relevantly and personally to all your Customers. 

Providing Data Fuel

The Distil.ai Customer Data Layer empowers your team to meet these challenges. It enables you to deploy and efficiently operate the perfect Marketing Stack.

Distil brings you the complete marketing stack

What does it do?

At its heart the Customer Data Layer is very simple.

It works by pulling all your disparate Customer data together. Stitching data from your backend systems with data from all the tools in your marketing stack. Creating a single, unified Customer list.  

Imagine that.

Customers who use your Platform; Web and Mobile.

Customers who have spoken to direct sales and been nowhere near your e-commerce solution.

Customers who have been to your events. Those who have signed-up to mailing lists.

Customers who have needed support and spoken to your help-desk team.

All in one automatically updating list that contains all the attributes from each integration.

With that list in place you can Segment your Customers across all of your data points. And you can use all that information to guide the messages you send, ensuring they are relevant to each Customer. Then push all that information into every tool in your Marketing Stack.

A Customer Data Layer gives you a complete and dependable record of all the people upon which the success of your business is based.

Your team can efficiently accomplish things that were previously time-consuming, hard, or even impossible. 


Now you have a Customer Data Layer, building and refining your marketing stack becomes easy.

Distil.ai handles the technical Integrations.

You don’t need to take engineering resource away from product development. Instead, let them focus on what makes your company great. Integrations directly into the top platforms are built in so you can deploy data fuel to each at the press of a button.

Data Enrichment

With all your Customer data in one place it becomes possible to see patterns and identify traits across the whole business.

Many of the tools you use provide Customer insights. Think of email open rates, website churn rate or satisfaction ratings. These are great, but having these locked away in each platform means you are not getting the best out of your data. Not by a long way.

The Customer Data Layer allows you to be more tactical with the use of your data.

Let’s address these two points.

Shared Insights

Firstly, pulling data out of each system into a unified list means you can share insights and regulatory markers generated in one tool with the whole marketing estate. For example, when a Customer unsubscribes from a mailing list you can automatically remove them from all retargeting audiences. When a Customer attends a product launch you can share that insight with every tool in your stack.

Built-in machine learning

Secondly you can now do sophisticated things with your Customer data. Distil.ai includes easy-to-use data science tools built right into the platform. We call these tools Data Enrichments because, well, they make your Customer data better.

Distil.ai Data Enrichment adds new attributes to your Customer data.

Predict the likely spend of a Customer based on demographic markers before they have bought anything with you.

Measure how engaged an individual is. Identify those that are in danger of churning.

Understand buying patterns and then make individual product recommendations to each customer that can be pushed through all your channels as well as on-site.

Using a Customer Data Layer means that these crucial core insights are shared across your whole marketing stack and can be pulled back to use on-platform. Not stuck in a single tool, working in isolation.

By providing easy-to-deploy Integrations, Data Enrichments and the ability to share insights across your whole marketing stack, Distil.ai fuels each tool with the data they need to give you the best results that they can provide. 

With this in place your team has the tools to create efficient, scalable processes that enable you to speak to your individual Customers as you would like to be spoken to yourself. 

It’s like having a dedicated team of data engineers, data scientists and analysts making each of your platforms work perfectly, just as you need them to.

What’s next?

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