Data is like a box of chocolates.

With Distil, however,
you get exactly what you need.

With A.I. at the heart of your business you can leverage your customer data to analyse, optimise and integrate your marketing and business strategy.

Our tiered pricing structure lets you get exactly what you need, for the price you want to pay.

Customer Records

1 person = 1 customer record.


Price per month. Cancel any time.

Yearly subscription

Price per month. 12-month contract. Billed annually.

up to 2,000 £250 £225
up to 5,000 £500 £450
up to 50,000 £1000 £900
up to 100,000 £1,350 £1,250
up to 500,000 £1,750 £1,600
up to 1,000,000 £2,350 £2,200
up to 3,000,000 £3,100 £2,900
up to 5,000,000 £4,500 £4,050
5,000,000+ Custom Custom
All prices are quoted excluding VAT

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