What is a Customer Data Platform?

In today’s world data isn’t just part of your business; it powers it. Data drives smarter decisions, improved products, happier customers and higher revenue. So isn’t it time you put it at the heart of everything you do? Discover how a well-chosen Customer Data Platform can connect data from every part of your organisation and transform the way you do business.

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All that Customer Data, but struggling to connect?

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Why others Distil their data

A new app, a new product – a new anything … just to keep ahead. If you can just find that golden ticket that will keep sales figures rising, keep increasing customer engagement and keep visitors stepping through the door… ... Read More

Personalise without being creepy

Ask anyone who shopped in the pre-internet era and they’ll tell you. You knew your greengrocer, butcher, baker – and they knew you, your shopping habits – and could even bring a smile to your face on the bleakest of days. Mostly by remembering the simple things. Those little snippets of your life you shared? They stored them ready to use at just the right moment. Just like cookies, bots and algorithms do today ... Read More

What data enrichment can do for you …and your customers

ne your customer. What do you see when you think of them? How much do you really know about them? You probably have a lot of customer data – but is it really helping you understand your customer, their shopping habits and, crucially, how to communicate with them? How do you talk to someone you barely know – even more challenging is effectively marketing to that customer ... Read More