New on Distil:
Restaurant Operational Analytics Dashboards

Operational data is no longer a nice-to-have in the restaurant business – it’s central to how you maximise revenue and out-perform the competition. Something we all want!

At Distil, we call it ‘Restaurant Operational Analytics’, and we’ve created a whole new suite of dashboards that use data drawn directly from your OpenTable account.

It’ll save you hours of manual reporting time and expand the range of insights you get from the data.

This means never-before-seen metrics, as well as easier, faster and more complete reporting on the data you already have – giving you that all-important competitive edge.

For instance, want to know more about demand from customers searching on OpenTable and where / why you’re missing out on bookings? Done. Or you’re looking ahead at how busy next weekend should be and if you’re on target or not? No problem.

Whether you’re new to thinking about your data, or you’re in the weeds of figuring out how best to use your OpenTable data, we’re here to make getting those insights as smooth and pain-free as possible.

Restaurant Operational Analytics for OpenTable

For restaurants and restaurant groups listed on OpenTable, you’ll know that there’s some data you can view and download from the platform. And that’s fine, it’s a good start when you’re getting into the data. But through our partnership with OpenTable, Distil is now able to add new metrics, deeper insights and AI-driven future performance forecasts to your analytics toolbox.

In this article, we’re taking a look at just what’s included in Distil’s Restaurant Operational Analytics Dashboard suite, and how you can use it to meet your business, revenue, marketing and operational targets.

Why use Distil for Restaurant Operational Analytics?

This suite of dashboards are designed to take your OpenTable data and:

  • Uncover ground-breaking metrics you’ve not seen before
  • Easily roll-up metrics into a holistic group overview
  • Create AI-driven performance forecasts
  • Save time manually collating reports from various different data exports
  • Feed any or all of your data from Distil back into Excel or other reporting tools.

All of these features add up to a powerful competitive advantage!

So let’s explore more about how Distil can help you get there. The suite is made up of four core dashboards:

Cover & Cover Forecast Dashboard

This the one-stop Cover Analytics dashboard for each of your restaurants or the entire group view in one. No more painstakingly extracting one restaurant at a time from your Opentable source.

This dashboard shows how many covers each restaurant served yesterday at each service, and how many they are likely to do in the days ahead.

Diagram of the Cover Analytics and Cover Forecasting Dashboard in Distil for Restaurants on OpenTable

(demo data shown in wireframe diagram)

In a new development for restaurant operational analytics, this dashboard isn’t just reporting on data collected in the past, it’s creating a future-looking view as well. Distil’s AI engine uses past performance data to predict future covers for each location – like a crystal ball for all those forward-thinking restaurateurs and their entrepreneurial team.

The ‘on-target’ row shows whether a restaurant is on track or not to meet their cover target at the time of viewing the report. For example, the predicted number of covers for Restaurant #1 for Mon 4/3/24 is 100. At the time of viewing the report, they should be at 40 bookings, but are currently only showing 30 – so they are behind target to meet the goal, and crucially, now you know – there’s time to do something about it!

Cover reporting is currently available on OpenTable, but to glean useful business insights from it, manual data interpretation is still required – plus there’s no forecasting option. Distil’s Cover & Cover Forecasting Dashboard shows all that data in one place.

Further customisation within the view is also possible using preset filters including switching between percentage or the number view or selecting the location that you are interested in.

We can also include walk-in predictions, predicted cancellation volume and overbooking forecast – all part of Distil’s AI forecasting algorithm.

So if you are a Group Reservations Manager – this is going to be your home-base dashboard for group-level and individual restaurant-level visibility of covers served yesterday, covers booked so far today and covers coming up. It gives you the power to identify locations behind target and to take action in advance to fill that capacity.

And if you are a Group Operations Manager, this is your home-base for understanding how busy each restaurant is, where you might need to look at extra staffing or adding to your produce order. It means you can optimise your expenditure and make efficiency savings across every location – giving you back control of your budget.

Demand Report & Forecast Dashboard

This dashboard unlocks insights into booker behaviour on OpenTable. We call it the Demand Report and Forecast Dashboard because it’s powered by booking demand from potential diners searching on the OpenTable platform.

It contains never-before-seen metrics about the performance of each restaurant in your group in the OpenTable search results!

Imagine someone is searching for a table of 8 people at your Covent Garden location for Friday lunch time at 1pm. If your party size settings are such that you don’t accept groups of 6 or more at that time, then no availability will show. Or perhaps the restaurant doesn’t have enough staff to take a party that size at that time, so they’ve throttled their capacity and the venue loses out on that booking.

This dashboard is the place to turn when you want to improve the number of bookings acquired through OpenTable. It shows exactly where to focus your attention and it’s only available in Distil – these metrics can’t be found in OpenTable.

(demo data shown in wireframe diagram)

On this dashboard, you will see:

  • Available capacity against missed searches
  • The reasons why your restaurant didn’t get returned in the search results
  • Which venues are contributing the most to missed searches.

These metrics are also broken down by day, service, reason and party size.

And we’ve added filters, so this dashboard can show you:

  • your chosen restaurant
  • for every restaurant in the group
  • sorting by those that are showing a high volume of missed searches
  • or a full group overview

With this dashboard, you can answer questions like, “Why am I missing out on bookings via OpenTable at X location?” or “I’ve got lots of capacity at X restaurant, what’s stopping me from getting bookings?” or “Why is my lunch service across the group not getting bookings on OpenTable?”.

This means if you’re an Operations Director or Reservations Director, you’ve got instant visibility over where your capacity and booking challenges lie. It’s the lightbulb you’ve been looking for that illuminates how to optimise your performance in the OpenTable search results.

If your goal this year is to maximise your booked capacity, increase group revenue or optimise your operation on OpenTable – this is the vital new data tool for your analytics toolbox.

If you’re ready to get in touch, we’d love to hear from you.

Availability Configuration Dashboard

This dashboard is the hub for complete visibility of your OpenTable availability settings across all RIDs. It’s your central resource to understand how capacity is configured across the entire restaurant group.

And as you know – capacity optimisation is directly linked with revenue optimisation.

We know you’ve got a lot of settings to manage and sometimes it’s tough to spot a misconfiguration. It can be a time-consuming rabbit hole, so we’ve made it easier – no more diving into each RID every time you want to see how it’s configured, it’s all now in one dashboard.

(demo data shown in wireframe diagram)

In this view, you can see:

  • Flow control consumed – based on your own flow settings in OpenTable, how much of the capacity is being used
  • Table reservability consumed – how much of your available inventory is being used
  • Chair occupied percentage – how many chairs are being occupied over time
  • Table occupied percentage – how many tables are occupied by 1 or more person.

We’ve also added the usual filters so you can query each restaurant individually, get an entire group overview, location area, or just select those that are high-performing or under-performing.

And, to make it easier to spot where there’s optimisation potential, we’ve created an ‘optimisation detected’ row so it saves you time identifying where the opportunity is.

Get a holistic view of flow control, table reservability, chair occupied percentage and table occupied percentage in one view.

Group Performance Overview Dashboard

The Group Performance Overview is your go-to analytics dashboard to get instant oversight of how every restaurant in the group is performing, featuring key data insights from each of the dashboards we’ve already looked at.

(demo data shown in wireframe diagram)

The dashboard shows:

  • Actual vs forecasted covers over time
  • Review rating and its progression compared with the previous period
  • Covers as a percentage of capacity
  • Percentage of demand flags (where the demand report shows optimisation potential)
  • Average spend per cover plus whether it’s increasing, decreasing or remaining consistent.

Its visual nature means it’s easy to understand and instantly identify the high performing and lower performing venues. We’ve also made it easy to identify each group by performance, with a preset filter to look at either the strong or under performing locations as cohort.

We’ve built in plenty of user control so you can customise the data that’s displayed in this dashboard. You can filter by:

  • Performance group – all locations, strong performance or under-performance
  • Date range – including the last 7, 30 and 60 days
  • Search for a specific location or RID
  • Location filter by country

This report means you can go beyond total covers by day in the OpenTable Guest Center reports and understand whether or not the performance is as expected.

This view on its own is already game-changing for restaurant analytics – no more diving into each RID on OpenTable and manually gathering performance data. It’s all combined into this central view that you can choose who in your team can access.

I want the Distil Restaurant Analytics Dashboards!

We thought you might!

If your restaurant or restaurant group is on OpenTable, the connection to Distil Analytics will unlock this entire suite for you. No custom development, no months of project planning and development – just a focussed scoping meeting to capture your specific requirements and we aim to start delivering just a few weeks later.

Read more about how Distil does data for restaurants or contact us here.