Single Customer View

You bring the data.
We bring it to life.

The Single Customer View is where the magic happens. Every bit of data from every part of your business is drawn together and segmented using AI. Customers can be analysed as a whole, as individuals or in groups to reveal previously hidden traits and patterns and the results can be plugged into your existing messaging tools for fast results.

Individual Profile view

Displays everything you need to know about any one customer.

All Customer Data view

Cross-platform Single Customer View displays all analytics for your entire customer base.

AI Segment view

Cross-platform segmentation displays and analyses each segment individually.

Data that’s visible

Bring all your data together in a Single Customer View to reveal how, when and why your customers really spend. And then use your existing channels to reach them even more effectively. So even though you might not be the biggest firm in the market (yet!) you can be the smartest.

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