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Your customers are unique humans, just like you and I. Creating a single customer view is the way to make sense of that individuality and to create impact for your brand. After all, no one wants to be treated like their postcode or birthdate, your customers want you to do better with their data. 

Your adoring, loyal fan base love your brand. They’ve taken you into their hearts and lives, so imagine how hurtful it is to feel that love unreturned by thoughtless, impersonal communications. 

We’ve all been burned by a brand that made us feel like they didn’t care. The power of the single customer view means that not only you can avoid this, you can discover things about your customers you never saw in the raw data before and use them to be better.

Why not return the love by understanding your customers as individuals, and communicating in a personal, relevant and timely way? Make them laugh and feel seen, send useful messages, or make them exclaim ‘that’s just what I’ve been looking for!’ It’s good for your brand, good for your customers and better still, great for your bottom line sales figures.

So, Distil has made it as easy as possible to get there. 

How a Single Customer View

Customer data in its raw format – rows and columns in a database or spreadsheet, is no way to really understand who your customers are. Sure, generating lists of customer data, moving between systems and analysing it manually used to be the way, but not any more. It’s time consuming, prone to human error and often doesn’t consider a customer’s holistic experience with your brand. So, we made a better way. 

The theory of the single customer view is that you get one single profile for each of your customers. The profile contains data from all kinds of sources and interactions, and it means that no matter where a customer is in your ecosystem, whichever email address they use in your shop, helpdesk and email subscription list, whichever device they use for recurring purchases, you get a complete picture of their experience.

The AI behind Distil’s customer data platform can combine all sorts of customer data points from website content views and email interactions to purchases and customer service engagements into one cohesive profile of a customer’s relationship with your brand. 

Sounds simple, right? Well, the AI configuration that powers it isn’t simple but we’ve done the hard brain work to make setting up your single customer view as easy as making your favourite food. You just need to pull all the ingredients together, we’ll help you mix them with our AI magic and hey, presto… out pops your favourite, mouth-watering dish. Flavourful, nourishing and satisfying – just like knowing your customers as individuals. 

If you want to improve your customer experience, drive brand loyalty, improve your marketing personalisation – the single customer view is at the heart of those goals.

Individual Profile view

Displays everything you need to know about any one customer.

All Customer Data view

Cross-platform Single Customer View displays all analytics for your entire customer base.

AI Segment view

Cross-platform segmentation displays and analyses each segment individually.

Customer data that powers your business

Bringing all your customer data together in a single customer view has the power to benefit every single area of your business. 

Your marketing team will be able to create highly personalised communications across multiple platforms. Upsell, cross-sell, intervene where customers may be about to churn, delight your loyal customers with exclusive or highly targeted offers.

Your product team will instantly be able to see what’s selling well, which products are purchased together and where the product development opportunities are.

Your commercial team can get sales performance figures for whatever customer criteria they choose. As long as it’s in your data set, you can segment by it. 

Now you have opted in, first party customer data at your fingertips, the possibilities are limitless. 

Whether you’re the biggest firm in the market or you’ve got eyes on the prize, you can certainly be the smartest with your data. 

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