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Illustration showing Attribution Analytics Dashboards in Distil with illustrations.

Understanding Attribution in GA4 vs Distil

Answers to the top questions about GA4 attribution contrasted with the clarity offered in Distil Analytics. We also take a broader view of attribution as a whole, and look at marketing attribution separately from the… Read More

Identity Resolution: Bringing fragments of customer records together

Your customers might love your physical shop for shoes, but they shop online for accessories and gifts. It makes customers records hard to keep, and even harder to use effectively. After all, customers want to… Read More

Natural clustering: get in the party mood with next-level segmentation

Customer segmentation has many layers – and the ultimate level, natural clustering, is often hardest to understand. So let’s use a metaphor: you’re at a party. A big party, with live music, great weather, and… Read More
Gift of customer segmentation.

How Distil & Klaviyo Solve Dynamic Customer Segmentation

Imagine what a seamless data connection between two of the most important cogs in your business machine could do for your marketing. The data powerhouse of Distil’s customer data platform (CDP) seamlessly connected with the… Read More

Bought on Wednesday: how Distil’s Marketing Attribution supercharges Shopify

What’s special about Wednesday? Not much. It means half the working week is over. (Or for those in tech, a reminder there’s only half the week left.) It’s never a holiday. But whether you call… Read More

How Distil makes Shopify data analysis and insights easier (pick a card, any card)

Shopify store analytics is hard. It doesn't have to be. Data is everywhere. And many companies have made it their mission to make sense of it: wrangling it into shape, connecting different sets of it… Read More

Retrace your customers’ steps with Attribution Models

We all know that a good love story is as much about the journey as the happy ending. And the same is true for your customer journeys – the road from first encounter to final… Read More

For The Love Of Data: When’s a customer a customer?

Customers. We’ve all got ‘em. But how do you use customer data to know who they really are, what makes them tick and how to talk to them in a way that makes them choose… Read More

Use A.I. to personalise web content

The profile photo you use for Tinder is rarely the one you use for LinkedIn. In one photo, you exist in black and white with a face that says ‘detail-oriented team player’. In the other,… Read More

Identify Customer Personas with A.I.

Data Distilled. Big spenders identified. Your customers are so much more than just a big list of names and numbers. Read More

Data driven personalised email campaign in Mailchimp

How to create a Data Driven hyper personalised email campaign in Mailchimp? Read More

Personalise Web Content using Product Recommendations

The better you know someone, the easier it is to predict the stuff they like. With Distil.ai, predicting what products someone will love is just the beginning. Those recommendations can then be turned into attributes… Read More