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How to use Data to create high impact Customer Experiences

At Distil we’re passionate about getting the right data in the hands of our customers so that they are able to create great Customer Experiences for us all. Read More

Use Distil to enrich your customer profiles in Salesforce

Data is a valuable resource, and Salesforce is a powerful tool. But unless you’re putting all of one into the other, neither is working as hard as it could. Read More

Data Driven Personalisation in Google Optimize

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Great Marketing Needs Great Data

Whether you need to understand your customers better, or work out who’s going to love what… whether you need to know what to say and what not to… or simply know how much? This is all… Read More

Deliver 1-to-1 recommendations

Data Distilled. Messaging Personalised. With Distil.ai you have the data to deliver 1-to-1 recommendations to your customers. Read More

What is a Customer Data Platform?

In today’s world data isn’t just part of your business; it powers it. Data drives smarter decisions, improved products, happier customers and higher revenue. So isn’t it time you put it at the heart of… Read More